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Andrew Joyce (D) (WFP) Andrew Joyce

Albany County Legislature
Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building
112 State Street, Room 710 | Albany, NY 12207 | (518) 447-7168

Andrew C. Joyce, Chairman of the Legislature
Necole Chambers, Clerk of the Legislature
Paul Devane, First Deputy Clerk of the Legislature

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County Legislators

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District 1: Carolyn McLaughlin
District 2: Merton D. Simpson
District 3: Wanda F. Willingham
District 4: Norma J. Chapman
District 5: Matthew T. Peter
District 6: Samuel I. Fein
District 7: Beroro T. Efekoro
District 8: Lynne Lekakis
District 9: Andrew Joyce
District 10: Gary W. Domalewicz
District 11: Frank J. Commisso
District 12: William M. Clay
District 13: Raymond F. Joyce
District 14: Alison McLean Lane
District 15: Robert J. Beston
District 16: Sean E. Ward
District 17: Bill Ricard
District 18: Gilbert F. Ethier
District 19: Todd A. Drake
District 20: David B. Mayo
District 21: Jennifer A. Whalen
District 22: Peter B. Tunny
District 23: Paul J. Burgdorf
District 24: Nathan L. Bruschi
District 25: Joseph E. O'Brien
District 26: Patrice Lockart
District 27: Frank A. Mauriello
District 28: Dennis A. Feeney
District 29: Mark E. Grimm
District 30: Dustin M. Reidy
District 31: Jeff S. Perlee
District 32: Mickey Cleary
District 33: William Reinhardt
District 34: Joanne Cunningham
District 35: Jeffrey D. Kuhn
District 36: Matthew J. Miller
District 37: George E. Langdon IV
District 38: Victoria Plotsky
District 39: Christopher H. Smith