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Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District Susan L. Lewis, Administrative Manager 24 Martin Road Voorheesville, NY 12186 Phone (518) 765-SWCD (7923)

Soil and Water Conservation District

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Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)

Pollinator Initiative

Did you know there are about 200,000 different species of pollinators?

New York State provides habitat to over 450 bee species that help pollinate more than one third of our food products. Butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, ants, birds, and bats are also critical pollinators. Research has shown that pollinator populations are diminishing.

We are committed to helping pollinators.

We will give away 10 "Blazing Star" (Liatris spicata) plants with every purchase at this year's tree and shrub sale.

Blazing Star plants attract bees, butterflies and birds, work great in small gardens and are an easy addition to an already established garden or a great start for a new pollinator garden.

Learn more by clicking "Tree and Shrub Program" below!

Tree and Shrub Program: Pre-order by April 3!
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The Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District is a local governmental subdivision established under state law to carry out a program for the conservation, use and development of soil, water and related resources. Created on May 14, 1945 by the Albany County Board of Supervisors, the District has been providing county residents assistance for over 60 years. District programs provide information, service, and technical/financial assistance to agricultural, rural, urban and suburban constituents. Organizational Chart