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Designated Sensitive Parcels

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Parcels numbered 300+ are designated sensitive parcels and will require a completed RBF form.

Designated Sensitive Parcels

The County has implemented a new process for sale of certain designated properties taken in tax foreclosure, soliciting bids from interested parties rather than offering them for sale at public auction.

The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids submitted.  All property transfers are subject to the approval of the Legislature and the County Executive.  If no offer submitted is approved by the County, the property will be offered for sale at a future auction.

What Properties Will Be Involved?

Where properties are deemed by the County to have potential historic, cultural, archeological or architectural significance or where significant environmental issues have been identified requiring specific disclosures under law, those properties may be pulled from the auction list and bid via the Request for Proposal process.

The County may place conditions on these sales related to financing, code compliance, and other matters relevant to the condition of the property.  Bidders will be required to sign a statement acknowledging disclosure of all County known conditions of the property.

A Note About Environmental Contamination

From time to time the County begins a foreclosure action on properties suspected to have potentially significant environmental contamination.  The County’s action clears the liens on these properties that are often the sole impediment to remediation and development.

In order to prevent the County taxpayers from footing the bill for cleanup and/or remediation of these parcels during the foreclosure and sale process, the County holds the foreclosure action at the judgment stage.

Where bids are approved, a signed statement acknowledging  receipt of full disclosure regarding the condition of the property, in so far as it is known to the County, will be required prior to the closing on the sale.  No deed will be recorded in the County’s name for these parcels — deed title will be transferred directly to the successful approved bidder by assignment without recourse.

The County shall not be liable for any conditions known or unknown on these properties, and the purchaser will be required to sign a release, hold harmless, and indemnification agreement to this effect.