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Digital File Formats

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Albany County maintains digital tax maps in two formats: AutoCAD© v2000 .DWG files, and ArcView© .SHP files.

DWG Diles [AutoCAD© Dile]

These are AutoCAD 2000© files, current as of taxable status date 03/01/12, prepared by our tax mapping maintenance contractor. These files replace the old hand-drawn Mylar/paper maps. Each map separates the information shown on the Mylar/paper maps into individual layers, linetypes, and colors. Each parcel has its tax map land parcel number, commonly referred to as its SBL (Section, Block, Lot number), attached to its centroid. This number enables the parcel to be tied to the assessor’s database. AutoCAD© stores its drawing database in a proprietary drawing file format with the .DWG extension. ArcView© reads these files directly to create CAD drawing themes, which cannot be searched or queried. DWG files can also be read in ArcExplorer© and ArcView©. Application for a copyright has been submitted for this product.

SHP Files [ArcView© File Format]

This format stores the geometric location and attribute information of geographic data. These files were created from the AutoCAD© DWG files for use in the county’s GIS development. They separate the features of each municipality into parcels, roads, water features, railroads, tax map blocks, and several other categories. These files are meant to be used in ESRI’s ArcView© and ArcInfo© products, but can be easily transferred to MapInfo© applications. These files enable the user to tie into RPS information and any other type of data which includes the SBL identifier as part of its record structure – current as of taxable status date 03/01/11.

Also available are the following lists of assessor information that enable the viewer to access owner names and addresses, deed book and page, dimensions, etc.:

Portable Document Format Files [Adobe PDF File]

These files are viewable and printable only, and include the following three (3) files for each of the county’s 18 municipalities (current as of taxable status date 03/01/12):

  • Report 1 - Parcel listing in alphabetical order of owners name
  • Report 2 - Parcel listing in Tax Map order
  • Report 3 - Parcel listing in street name order
  • Report 4 - Parcel listing in Tax Map order with selected parcel information

Digital data can be viewed with various programs.

  • AutoCAD© can be used to view AutoCAD© .DWG. You cannot search and query parcels in AutoCAD©.
  • ArcView© can view shapefiles, DWG files (just lines), MrSID aerial images and TIFF files. One can identify, search & query data layers, perform spatial queries, work with attribute tables and many other more advanced functions.
  • ArcExplorer©, a free product from ESRI, can view shapefiles (parcel boundaries and parcel numbers as standard labels), MrSID© aerial images and TIFF files, and DWG files (parcel lines only and annotation as standard label text). It cannot read e00 files. One may identify features or do basic queries. There is no ability to work with tables. [Click here for more information about ArcExplorer©, ArcView© and Arc/GIS©]

Note: Absolutely no accuracy or completeness guarantee is implied or intended. All information on these maps is subject to such variations and corrections as might result from a complete title search and/or accurate field survey.