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County Budget

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for the 2019 fiscal year

Complete 2019 Budget Book [.pdf; 300 pages; 8MB]
The complete budget book is a digital image of the printed version.
This is a large file and may take some time to download completely.

Budget Book by Section

Introduction & Highlights

Fund Balances & Reserves

Summary Budgets

A Fund Executive Department Budgets

Department/Office Tables[.xlsx]
Aging A6772
Alternate Public Defender A1171
Children, Youth and Families A2960A4046A4059A6071A6110A6119A6120A6129A7310
Civic Center A7128
Civil Service A1430
County Executive A1230
Crime Victim & Sexual Violence Center A4610
Economic Development, Conservation and Planning A8020
General Services A1164A1345A1440A1610A1620A1640A1660A1670A6610A8754
Health A4010A3510
Hockey Facility A7181
Human Resources A1432
Immigration Assistance A1173
Law A1420
Management & Budget A1310A1340A1355A1364A1680A1985A1994A3650A6422A6989
Mental Health A4230A4310A4322
Probation A3140
Public Defender A1170
Recreation A7410
Social Services A6010A6055A6070A6100A6101A6109A6140A6141A6142
Soil and Water Conservation A8730
Veterans Bureau A6510

A Fund Separately Elected

Department/Office Tables[.xlsx]
Audit and Control A1315
Board of Elections A1450
Coroners A1185
County Clerk and Hall of Records A1410A1411
District Attorney A1165
Ethics Commission A1470
Legislature A1010
Sheriff A3020A3110A3150A3189

Ancillary Accounts

Department/Office Tables[.xlsx]
18-B Public Defense Payments A1172
CDTA A5630
Community College Tuition A2490
Contingent Account A1990
Cornell Cooperative Extension A8753
Justices and Constables A1180
Planning Board A1996
Retirement and Stabilization Savings Narrative only [.pdf]

CD • CS Fund Budgets

Fund Tables[.xlsx]
CD: Community Development Fund
CD Fund Summary [.pdf]
CS: Risk Retention Fund
CS 1710CS1722CS1930CS1931CS9040CS9050
CS Fund Summary [.pdf]

D • DM • G • NH Fund Department Budgets

Department/Fund Tables[.xlsx]
Public Works/Road Machinery
D Fund Retiree Health Care [.pdf]
D Fund Summary [.pdf]
Water Purification District
G Fund Retiree Health Care [.pdf]
G Fund Summary [.pdf]
Residential Health Care Facility
NH Fund Retiree Health Care [.pdf]
NH Fund Summary [.pdf]

V Fund

Capital Programs 2019-2022

Legislative Actions