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Albany County Department of Management and Budget Shawn A. Thelen, Commissioner 112 State St., Room 1200 Albany, NY 12207 Phone (518) 447-5525 Fax (518) 447-5589

County Budget

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Introduction & Highlights

Fund Balances & Reserves

Summary Budgets

A Fund Executive Departments

Department Tables [.xlsx]
Aging A6772
Alternate Public Defender
ILS–Statewide Implementation Year 2
Children, Youth and Families A2960A4046A4059A6071A6110A6119A6120A6129A7310
Civic Center A7128
Civil Service A1430
County Executive A1230
Crime Victim & Sexual Violence Center A4610
Economic Development, Conservation and Planning A8020
General Services A1164A1345A1440A1610A1620A1640A1660A1670A6610A8754
Health A4010A3510
Human Resources A1432
Immigration Assistance A1173
Law A1420
Management & Budget
ILS–Statewide Implementation Year 2
Mental Health A4230A4310A4322
Probation A3140
Public Defender
ILS–Statewide Implementation Year 2
Recreation A7410
Social Services A6010A6055A6070A6100A6101A6109A6140A6141A6142
Soil and Water Conservation A8730
Veterans Bureau A6510

A Fund Separately Elected

Office Tables [.xlsx]
Audit and Control A1315
Board of Elections A1450
Coroner A1185
County Clerk and Hall of Records A1410A1411
District Attorney A1165
Ethics Commission A1470
Legislature A1010
Sheriff A3020A3110A3150A3189

Ancillary Accounts

Account Tables [.xlsx]
CDTA A5630
Community College Tuition A2490
Contingent Account A1990
Cornell Cooperative Extension A8753
Justices and Constables A1180
Planning Board A1996
Retirement and Stabilization [narrative only]
 A Fund Retiree Health Care  A9060

A Fund Summary [.pdf]

CD • CS Fund Budgets

Fund Tables [.xlsx]
CD: Community Development Fund
CD Fund Summary
CS: Risk Retention Fund
CS Fund Summary
CS 1710CS1722CS1930CS1931CS9040CS9050

D • DM • G • NH Fund Departments

Fund Tables [.xlsx]
Public Works/Road Machinery
D Fund Summary
DM Fund Summaries

D Fund Retiree Health Care [D9060]

Water Purification District
G Fund Summary

G Fund Retiree Health Care [G9060]

Residential Health Care Facility
NH Fund Summary
NH Fund Retiree Health Care [NH9060]

V Fund

Capital Programs

Glossary of Terms

Department Codes (alphabetical order)