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Lyme Disease in Pets

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Contributed by Holly Cheever, DVM, The Animal Hospital, Guilderland, NY

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  • Can domestic animals (dogs, cats) get Lyme disease?

  • What are the symptoms of Lyme disease in pets?

  • Is the treatment for Lyme disease the same for pets and humans?

  • Can horses get Lyme disease?

  • Is there a blood test my veterinarian can do to diagnose Lyme disease in my pet?

  • If my pets are restricted to my yard, can they still get Lyme disease?

  • If my dog or cat brings deer ticks into my home, do those ticks present a threat to the rest of my family?

  • Should I examine my pets for ticks each time they come in from outside?

  • Is there a way to reduce the chances of my pet being bitten by potentially harmful ticks?