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Kids: Growing Healthy, Growing Strong!

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On these pages you can learn all sorts of fun ways for children (and adults!) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We've included great ideas about how to encourage healthy nutritional behaviors, how to make better snack choices, and how to support a more active lifestyle. You'll find many great recipes, loads of activity suggestions — and even some fun printable pages with puzzles to solve, a bookmark to make… and much more!

A special section for parents explains childhood obesity and outlines some of the contributing factors to this national concern.

Healthy Ideas. Fun ways to add activity into your family's day, and suggestions for helping kids (and grownups) make healthy nutritional choices. Brought to you by the Albany County Department of Health.

Online Resources. A list of web sites containing health information you might find useful. We've included sites that promote kids' health and nutrition, as well as sites that might be of interest to parents and grandparents.

Parent Information. A special note to parents about the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. Learn more about why your children are at risk and what factors contribute to this unhealthy condition. Brought to you by the Albany County Department of Health.

Parents: Why Physical Activity Is Important for your Kids. Regular physical activity helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints; helps control weight, builds lean muscle, and reduces fat; reduces feelings of depression and anxiety; promotes social well-being, as well as physical and mental health - which may help increase student’s capacity for learning.

Printable Puzzles, Games and More. Kid-friendly and printer-friendly activities - part of "Kids: Growing Healthy, Growing Strong!" Brought to you by the Albany County Department of Health.

Recipes. Recipes that kids love to eat. Some can be made by kids with varying amounts of adult supervision.

Soda Facts. Surprising facts about the health hazards of drinking too much soda. Brought to you by the Albany County Department of Health.