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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • How do I know if the trans fat regulation applies to my establishment?

  • My establishment is not required to hold a permit from the Albany County Department of Health because I am licensed by New York State. Do I still have to comply with the County's trans fat regulation?

  • When does the regulation take effect? Does it cover all food items?

  • How can I tell if a particular product is allowed under the regulation?

  • When the trans fat regulation takes effect, will the Health Department issue violations?

  • I buy containers of oil that are shipped in a box. The containers do not have labels but the box does. Do I need to save the labels on the box?

  • Will the Health Department follow up on trans fat violations?

  • May I use a product that claims to have '0 grams trans fat' if the ingredients list includes partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, shortening, or margarine?

  • Which labels should I save, and how long should I keep them?

  • Will trans fat violations be posted on the Health Department's Restaurant Inspection website?

  • Are products with 0 grams trans fat more expensive?

  • How much will I be fined if an inspector finds oils, shortenings, or margarines that contain trans fat?

  • What should I do with products that contain artificial trans fat if they are still in my pantry on January 1, 2009?

  • What can I use for frying instead of oils that contain trans fat?

  • What if I use margarine both as a spread and for baking? Will I have different deadlines for changing these practices?

  • What is trans fat?

  • Will I be fined for violations as soon as the regulation takes effect?

  • Can I receive a violation for food I purchase in bulk if it comes without a label?

  • What can I use for baking instead of shortenings with trans fat?

  • What if a supplier sells me cakes that contain no artificial trans fat, but each serving contains more than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving from natural sources?

  • What is artificial trans fat?

  • If I have a food item containing artificial trans fat but I don't cook with it, may I keep it in my kitchen pantry?

  • If I purchase ingredients from outside of Albany County for products I serve in my establishment, do those ingredients have to contain less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving?

  • What about butter, beef tallow, suet, and lard?

  • Why is trans fat so bad?