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Updated:  12:30PM March 26, 2020

IMPORTANT! "NYS on PAUSE" and "Matilda's Law" restrictions went into effect MARCH 22. Details can be found further down this page.

Precautionary Quarantine Notice: If you were at the Victory Bible Church at 21 Hackett Blvd, Albany on Sunday, March 15 from 12:30 to 2:00pm , please remain at home under precautionary quarantine until March 29 and contact the Albany County Department of Health immediately. More information...

Albany County Coronavirus Daily Updates

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy will be updating the public each day at approximately 10:30am.

There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 so the best way to avoid getting it is to avoid being exposed to it.

The 2019 Novel (New) Coronavirus is thought to spread person to person by droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Those in close contact (within about 6 feet) may have those droplets land on them or inhale them and are exposed. The virus can also survive for a long time on surfaces where the droplets land, and can be picked up when you touch that surface and then touch your face.

The Novel Coronavirus can cause an illness called COVID-19, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe that can lead to fever, cough and shortness of breath. A detailed list of symptoms can be found on the CDC website.

Individuals who are symptomatic or who have come in close contact (e.g., same classroom, office or gathering) with a person who is confirmed positive — or who is symptomatic and has not tested positive for any other infection — should call ahead to their health care provider before seeking treatment in person.

If you do get COVID-19, most cases can be managed at home. The CDC website explains what you should do if you are sick.

For important phone numbers, additional resources and other information, continue to scroll down this page.

IMPORTANT! NYS Governor Cuomo instituted significant restrictions that went into effect on March 22. Learn more about these restrictions, known as "NYS on Pause," further down this page.

Older adults and people with severe underlying chronic medical conditions seem to be at a higher risk for serious complications from COVID-19. People who are at higher risk should familiarize themselves with Matilda's Law (further down this page).

COVID-19 in Albany County

Please note that with community testing currently suspended, the number of confirmed cases does not reflect current spread of COVID-19. 

Albany County Cases
Support & Assistance Phone Numbers

Help "Flatten the Curve"

IMPORTANT! "NYS ON PAUSE" restrictions went into effect on MARCH 22. Please see details below.

  • Practice Social Distancing.  Even if you feel well, stay at home as much as possible.  In public, keep at least 6 feet distance from others.  Avoid unnecessary appointments.  
  • Wash Your Hands.  Cover Your Cough.   Cover your cough and sneezes.  Use your elbow or a tissue.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Take Caution with At-Risk Persons.  Avoid visiting those most at risk (elderly and people with underlying health conditions), call instead.  Offer help with groceries and other goods to pick up and drop off without face-to-face contact. 
"NYS on Pause" & "Matilda's Law"
Social Distancing
All NYS Gathering Restrictions

Additional Information

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This is a rapidly changing situation. Please regularly check this page, the NYS Department of Health COVID-19 webpage, and the CDC Coronavirus webpage for updates.