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Albany County Bounty: Support Local Farms & Agriculture!

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Many people live and work in Albany and the surrounding suburbs but few realize that just a short drive away, our county's farmers are working hard on their small family farms to provide fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, meats, and milk. In Albany County, farmers own and care for approximately 60,000 acres of privately owned land. These lands are not only a valuable soil resource for food production, but they also serve as wildlife habitat and buffers to water resources, and enhance the scenic landscape. By promoting local products and keeping our small farms in business, we can maintain the many benefits that farms and farmland provide.

Why Eat and Buy Local?

  • Local food is fresher, more nutritious, and tastes better.
  • Local food is a better value as you pay for freshness and taste, not packaging, refrigeration and freight.
  • Buying local offers the security of knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced. Maintaining a local food supply also ensures that local residents will have an adequate supply of fresh, nutritious food.
  • Local food is more environmentally friendly. Local food travels an average of 40 miles to your plate, compared to an average of 1500 miles for most supermarket produce, reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality.
  • Buying locally grown food supports the local economy by keeping your dollars in the community and providing economic opportunities for people in rural communities.
  • Supporting local farms helps preserve farmland and our valued rural landscape.
  • Keeping agriculture in Albany County helps us sustain our heritage, the tradition of farming in our community, and our quality of life.