• Gary W. Domalewicz
    Chairman Albany County Capital Resource Corporation
  • Mr. Michael Paparian, Member/Treasurer
  • Ms Theresa M. Ries, Member/Secretary
  • Hon.Gene Messercola, Member
  • Hon. William M. Clay, Member


  • Paul L. Weafer, Esq., CEO
  • Mr.William Murphy, CFO
  • Walter J. Forman, Esq., Agency Counsel
  • A.Joseph Scott, Esq, c/o Hodgson Russ, Bond Counsel
  • Allen F. Maikels, CPA, Agency Accountant

IDA Committees

Governance Committee

  • Theresa Ries, Esq., Chair
  • Michael Paparian
  • Hon. Gene Messercola

Audit Committee

  • Michael Paparian, Chair
  • Hon. Gene Messercola
  • Hon. William Clay

Finance Committee

  • Hon. Gene Messercola, Chair
  • Michael Paparian
  • Hon. William Clay


The Albany County Industrial Development Agency (ACIDA) is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation of the State of New York. This Agency was formed by special act of the New York State Legislature adopted by the State in 1975.

The Agency's primary goal is to encourage economic growth and expansion through financial incentives, thus advancing the job opportunities, health, general prosperity, and economic welfare of the people of Albany County and the State of New York.

The Agency offers businesses financial incentives in the form of tax-exempt and taxable bonds to cover the cost of construction, rehabilitation, and equipping for a wide range of commercial and industrial projects.

Projects undertaken by the Agency are exempt from sales and mortgage recording taxes, and real property tax abatement can also be offered. These exemptions enable the Agency to lower the cost of undertaking and financing a project. The Agency has played an important role in a number of significant projects.


ACIDA and Albany County, New York

A partnership for economic development.

ACIDA works closely with its economic development partners to attract, promote, and encourage economic development in Albany County.

112 State Street Room 740
Albany, New York 12207