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Albany County Declares May Mental Health Awareness Month; Dedication of County Workforce Commended

May 01, 2014

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy has declared May Mental Health Awareness Month in the County.  The national theme for 2014, “Mind Your Health,” is a reminder that there is a connection between mental health and overall health and wellness. This theme also provides an opportunity to nurture healthy skills and strategies that may prevent the onset of illness when possible, shorten the duration of illness when it occurs, and maintain psychological well-being in the face of the stresses we face today.  

Psychological well-being, of course, exists on a continuum.  There are those in our community who facing the challenges of serious and persistent illness.  “Each day, the dedicated staff of the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Children, Youth & Families serve those most in need as well as their families, some of whom are living with serious mental illness and emotional disturbance,” said McCoy  “Once again, I commend them all for the work they do to benefit the public. Please join me in expressing our gratitude to our skilled and compassionate County employees.”

No one factor is responsible for why people suffer from mental illness and associated issues.  They include economic circumstances, genetics, social issues or event personal issues.   For a variety of reasons, not everyone gets the treatment they need and experts agree that the number of people with mental health problems is staggering, but so is the unmet need for care.  We know that with treatment people can recover and go on to lead healthy and productive lives.  Mental illness is a treatable problem and the outcome can be as good as with any chronic medical problem.

“Many of our County departments provide services to those who are mentally ill including the Department of Social Services, Probation, Aging, Veterans Service Bureau, Health Department and Public Defenders Office,” continued McCoy.  “I urge everyone to take care of your own health and the health of your loved ones. Recognize and support those who live in our community who face the daily challenges of mental illness. And take a moment to appreciate the committed Albany County professionals who serve the children and adults in our communities most in need every day.”


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