Office of the Albany County Legislature

Bryan M. Clenahan (D) (I) (WFP)

Bryan M. Clenahan (D)(I)(WFP), 30th Legislative District

Albany County Legislative District 30

30 Woodlake Road
Albany, NY 12203
Phone: (518) 464-7601

Committee Assignments: Civic Center, Law, Court Facilities and Conservation & Improvement

Prior Committee Assignments: Law (Chair) and Health

Bryan M Clenahan has been an Albany County Legislator since 2007, representing residents of the 30th Legislative District.

Bryan is Counsel to the New York State Senate's Civil Service & Pensions Committee and has served in various capacities in Guilderland Town government. He was the Town Prosecutor in Guilderland Town Court, responsible for prosecuting violations of the State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the State Penal Law and the Guilderland Town Code. He has served on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals as a member, chair and counsel and as a member of Guilderland's Environmental Advisory Committee.

He also has been in private practice as an associate with several area law firms and has served as an Assistant Albany County Attorney. He was graduated cum laude from Albany Law School and Middlebury College in Vermont as a history and political science major.

A strong advocate for consumers, Bryan sponsored legislation to prohibit the sale of malfunctioning drop-side cribs which had been the cause of at least three infant deaths and many injuries in the United States.

On behalf of the residents of Albany County, Bryan passed legislation to protect infants and young children from the harmful health effects of BPA which is a synthetic estrogen that disrupts healthy human development and can lead to such complications as an altered immune system, hyperactivity, reproductive health problems, increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Bryan also authored and sponsored a local law in Albany County requiring an online registry to be established to identify individuals convicted of animal abuse crimes to prevent these individuals from adopting, purchasing, or otherwise obtaining animals from any animal shelter, pet seller, or other person or entity involved in the exchange of animals by adoption, sale, or other means.

Bryan is a fierce advocate for the Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center and an active member of the Albany Ancient Order of Hibernians.

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