The Common Council Minutes, available from 1686 to the present, may 
be useful to the researcher of the building survey as they include records 
of all ordinances, laws, petitions,resolutions, etc. passed in the city of 
Albany.  These records may relate to streets, section of the city, 
annexations and many other subjects relevant to the growth and character of 
the city. 
	Any matter which affects the city is likely to receive space in the 
Common Council Minutes. These matters include issues regarding the city's 
development (i.e. the building of bridges, ferry landings, the Albany Basin) 
as well as exterior forces which affect the city, such as fires, floods 
and epidemics.  The activities of individual citizens are also sometimes 
recorded in the Common Council Minutes. 


Included in the Street Openings are various documents relating to the opening of a street (or a section of a street), the widening of an already existing street, or the opening of a city park. The documents include maps, newspaper notices, New York State Supreme Court Proceedings, petitions, resolutions, laws, - and records pertaining to the awarding of damages to parties whose land is taken. The Street Openings are available from the early part of the 19th century. Street Opening records are not available for all streets in Albany.


The City of Albany was officially incorporated in 1686. The boundaries at that time were described as follows: "East, the Hudson at low water mark; South, a line drawn from the southernmost end of the pasture at the North end of Martin Gerritsen's Island, and running back due Northwest sixteen miles into the woods, to a certain creek called Sandkill; North, a line parallel to the former about a mile distant; and, West, a straight line drawn from the Western extremities of the North and South lines."1 Northern and Southern boundaries remained intact until the "Colonie" was annexed in 1815. This village was a sparsely settled territory occupied mostly by farmers working leaseholds under the Patroons. The area held a separate corporate existence for several years prior to annexations.2 A description of the portion of the Colonie annexed to Albany appears below. "Beginning at the Southeast corner of the said town, and running northwardly along the East bounds of the County of Albany, until a course of North 48 degrees West, intersects or strikes a red cedar post with brick around it, standing on the West bank of Hudson's River, which post is distant 22 chains and 36 links from the Southeast corner of the storehouse of Steven VanRensselaer, on a course North, 40 degrees 20 minutes West,then 48 degrees West to the West bounds of said town,then along the West and South bounds thereof to the beginning."3 In 1870, part of Bethlehem and Watervliet were annexed to Albany, extending the City's boundaries in a Northerly and Southerly direction. Also, the area beginning West of Magazine Street was ceded to Watervliet and later to Guilderland.4 In 1910, portions of the ceded territory (1870) were reannexed to the City and the Western boundary of the City took its present form.5 By 1916, the Northern and Southern bounds of the City had taken their present form with the exception of those areas known as Westerlo Island and Karlsfeld.6 In 1967, Karlsfeld was annexed to Albany; this being the final change.7

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Inventory,June 1976). 
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TAKEN FROM THEIndex to the Public Records of the County of Albany
				                     (If Known) 
PRESENT	NAME	           FORMER NAME	                  DATE OF CHANGE 
Albany Street	             Albany Avenue	             Feb.13,1871 

Arch Street		     Beaver Lane 
                             Johnson Street 
Ashgrove Place(from Trinity 
Place to Grand St.)	     Westerlo Street	                    1869 
Bleecker Street              Bass Street 
		             Bass Lane 

Broad Street	             Jonkers Street 
		             Malcolm Street 

Broadway	             Handelaers Street 
		             Market Street 
a) north of State St.	     Brewer Street 
b) north of State St.	     North Market.Street 
c) south of State St.	     South Market Street 
d) State to Gansevoort St.   Court Street 
e) at Patroon Creek	     Van Rensselaer Mill 
f) Columbia to Clinton Ave.  Watervliet Street 
g) at North Pearl Street     Cow Street 
h) from Van Rensselaers	     Extension of Troy Road 

Capitol Park	             Capitol Square 

Central Avenue	             Bowery 
		              Turnpike	                     July 15, 1867 
		             Schenectady Turnpike 

Chapel Street	             Barrack Street 
		             Barack Street 

Charles Street	             Johnson Street	             March 19, 1877 

Clinton Street	             Church Street 

Clinton Avenue	             Patroon Street 

Columbia Street              New Street 
a) at North Pearl	     Oak Street 

Congress Street              Spring Street	             August 6, 1860 

Dean Street	             Prince Street 
		             Water Street	             Nov. 6, 1826 
a) Steuben to Hudson	     Dock Street 

Delaware Avenue	             Delaware Turnpike 
			                               (If Known)
PRESENT NAME	             FORMER NAME	             DATE OF CHANGE 
Division Street(from Hudson 
River to S. Pearl St.)	     Bone Lane 

Dove Street	             Warren Street	             Sept. 11, 1790 

Dudley Avenue(west of 
N. Pearl St.)                North Ferry Street 

Eagle Street	             Duke Street	             Sept. 11, 1790 

Elk Street	             Queen Street 
a) Clinton Lark St.   Spruce Street	             Sept. 11, 1790 

Elm Street	             Pitt Street 
	                     Otter Street 
	                     Westerlo Street 
Emmet Street	             Broadway Avenue	             Feb.13,1871 
	                     Laughlin Street	             Sept. 22, 1879 

Exchange Street	             Mark Lane 

Ferry Street	             Mink Street 

Fourth Avenue	             Nucelia Street	             Jan.20,1873 

Franklin Street	             Frelinghuysen Street	     March 30, 1828 
                             Vreelinghuysen Street 

Fulton Street	             Williams Street 

Gansevoort Street	     South Street 

Genessee Street	             Watervliet Avenue	             Feb.13,1871 

Grand Street	             Hallenbake Street 

Green Street	             Van Driesen Street 
a) south of Beaver Street    Esplanade or Plain Street 
b) north of Beaver Street    Voddewyf or Rag Market 
	                     or Cheap Side 

Hamilton Street	New Street 
a) east of Broadway	     Kilby Lane 

Hawk Street	             Hawke Street	             Sept. 11, 1790 

Herkimer Street              Van Schee Street 

High Street	             South High Street 

Howard Street	             Luther Street 
	                     Lutheran Street 
a) S. Pearl to Lodge St.     Nail St. or Nail Alley 

Hudson Avenue	             Quidor or Quiter Street	     Sept. 11, 1790 
	                     Buffalo Street 
	                     Hudson Street	             March 4, 1872 
a) east of Broadway	     Spanish Street 

James Street	             Middle Lane 
	                     Middle Alley 

                                                       (If Known) 
PRESENT NAME                 FORMER NAME                   DATE OF CHANGE                        
Jefferson Street             Herkimer Street
       			     Herkemer Street

John Street                  Sturgeon Street                       c.1882

Judson Street                Second Street

Know Street		     Gage Street                     July 17, 1809
                             Swallow Street 		     Sept.11, 1790
a)North of Clinton Ave	     First Street 	

LaFayette Street             Fayette Street
                             Sand Street                     April 25, 1825 

Lake Avenue                  Perry Street                    Oct.2, 1882
A)south of Western Ave       Pigeon Street

Lancaster Street             Prideaux Street                 Sept.11, 1790

Lark Street                  Johnson Street                  Sept.11, 1790 

Leonard Place (from          Warren Street
Delaware Ave. to Lark St.

Lexington Ave.               Snipe Street                    Sept.4, 1876
			     Schenectady Street 

Liberty Street               Cow Lane                        

Livingston Ave.		     Lumber Street                   April 21,1879

Madison Ave.                 Wolf Street            
                             Wolfe Street                    Sept.11, 1790
                             Lydius Street                   May 20, 1867

Madison Place(Eagle St.
to Philip St.)               Madison Ave.                    July 1, 1867

Maiden Lane                  Rom Street
                             Rum Street

McPherson Terrace            Clinton Ave.(west of 
                              Judson St.)

Mohawk Street                Hudson River Avenue              Feb.13, 1871

Monroe Street                Van Schaick Street

Montgomery Street(from       Marsh Street                     Jan.22,1827
Livingston Ave.)                               
Mulberry Street              Spruce Lane

                                                     (If Known)     
PRESENT NAME                 FORMER NAME                  DATE OF CHANGE                         
Myrtle Avenue                Mink Street                                              
                             West Ferry Street
                             Ferry Street 
                             Upper Ferry Street
                             Monckton Street

North Pearl Street           
a)Columbia to Pleasant St.   Pearl Street   
b)State to Columbia St.      Orchard Street
c)in North Albany            North Pearl Street              Feb. 13, 1871          
Norton Street                Church Lane 
                             Store Lane

Ontario Street               Sparrow Street 
                             Fourth Street
                             Seneca Street                              

Orange Street                Wall Street                    Sept.11,1790               
                             Hare Street

Park Avenue                  Monckton Street                Sept.11,1790                  

Park Place (north of         Capitol Street
State St.) 
Park Street (State to        Capitol Street 
Lancaster St.) 
Park View Terrace            Madison Ave.(Lexington 
                             to Robin Street)

Plum Street                  Plum Street  

Pruyn Street                 Denniston Street               June 16, 1834 
                             Embargo Alley                  June 16, 1834

Quail Street                 Turkey Street                                    

Quay Street                  Water Street 
                             Dock Street
Robin Street 

Second Avenue                Whitehall Road                 Jan.20,1873 
                             Whitehall Avenue               

Second Street                Elizabeth Street 

Sheridan Avenue              Howe Street                    Sept.11,1790                     
                             Fox Street
                             Canal Street
                             Sand Street
			                              (If Known) 
Sherman Street	             Sand Street 

South Pearl Street	     Cow Lane 
	                     Deklyne Street 
	                     Washington Street 
a) south of Gansevoort St.   Albany-Bethlehem Turnpike	    June 16, 1877 

State Street	             Yonkers Street 
	                     Jonkers Street 
	                     Deer Street 
	                     Broad Street 
a) west of Eagle St.	     Prince Street	            Sept. 11, 1790 

Steuben Street	             Stuben Street 

Swan Street	             Boscawen Street	            Sept. 11, 1790 

Swinton Street	             Maple Street	            Mar. 1, 1897 

Ten Broeck Place (Ten Broeck Third Street                   Sept. 18, 1876 Swan St.) 

Ten Broeck Street	     High Street	            July, 1831 
Third Avenue	             Van Vechten Street	            Jan.20,1873 

Third Street	             John Street 

Trinity Place	             Davidson Street	            Oct. 20, 1862 
	                     Broad Street	            June 14, 1869 

Union Street	             Cow Lane 
	                     Grass Lane 

Van Woert Street(west of     Lawrence Street 
Washington Avenue	     Lion Street	            Sept. 11, 1790 
	                     King Street	            Sept. 11, 1790 
	                     Washington Street 

Water Street (Orange to	     Dock Street 
Columbia St.)	             River Street 

West Street	             DeWitt Street	            June 1, 1868 

Westerio Street	             Kane Street 
	                     Pitt Street 

Western Avenue	             Great Western Turnpike	    June 27, 1865 

City of Albany	             Fort Orange 
	                     The Fuyck 

The following are former villages or neighborhoods that have been 
incorporated into the City of Albany: 

Arbor Hill Groesbeckville Karlsfield Kenwood Martinville Normansville North Albany Pageville Spencersville The Colonie Tivoli Hollow West Albany