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Daddy, Mommy & Me Summer Classes To Be Held at Crossgates Mall

7/12/2017 1:20:25 PM

Parents and children form a special bond and that bond influences a child’s life forever. Albany County Cares about our youth and County Executive Daniel P. McCoy and the Albany County Department for Children Youth and Families encourage parents to attend a three-week summer program being offered at Crossgates Mall.  It’s called Daddy, Mommy & Me. These classes provide wonderful opportunities for parents to see if their kids are on the right developmental track. Are they reading at their grade level? Do they have positive peer interactions? Are they eating right? Early assessment helps parents stay on top of things and are beneficial to any child. Simply telling a kid what to do is not always effective but with Daddy, Mommy and Me, kids learn to develop healthy habits while having a blast with the family.

Daddy, Mommy & Me summer classes are designed for parents and infants, toddlers and children through second/third grade.  Classes are FREE and will be held on Thursdays, July 20, July 27 and August 3 at 10:30am near Lucky Strike Social at Crossgates Mall.


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