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Lawson Lake “The Jewel of Albany County”

Starting in January 2013, it was mentioned that there was some Albany County owned property located in Feura Bush NY, approximately 4 miles from the Sheriffs Voorheesville substation, that had been used for over 75 years as a Summer Camp to several hundred inner city children and various not for profit .

It had over 30 “cabins” (varying in sizes, and shapes), large “mess halls”, lake front access, trails, and over 400 plus acres, along with several other amenities that were slowing deteriorating and in need of repair.

This was brought to the attention of The County Executive, Sheriff, and District Attorney. After an intense location scout, they started the process to designate key people to assist with the rehabilitation of the lower camp.

The following months started to yield results that were realized when, on July 1, 2013, over 150 children, from around Albany County, shared in the joys of Summer Day Camping at Lawson Lake.

The area has been designated into 2 main areas, the Lower Camp, and the Upper Camp. The focus was placed on getting the Lower Camp ready for the Day Campers this year.  There were over 450 man hours supplied from the Inmate Workforce, as well as involvement from the Sheriff’s Office, County Executives staff, Dept. of Public Works, Dept of General Services, Children Youth & Families, Information Services, Dept. of Health, and several Not for Profit and companies & individuals that also contributed.

The main entrance and road was graded which made access to the facility much better. Then the main lodge, (Waldman) was cleaned out, and then made functional as the main area for staging of all the campers. The Nurses’ station was made ready, along with the Caretakers cabin, which housed all communications and medical supplies, etc. There were also three larger cabins that were cleaned out as cabins that allowed for Arts & Crafts to be taught, as well as for other teaching activities. A large mess hall that had a kitchen was also made ready to accommodate for children for their lunch & snacks.

All the grounds were maintained, as well as the beach area, which allowed the children an opportunity to play sports & have activities in both the main “yard” and to the docks for fishing & canoeing.

The mission was accomplished for the Day Camp for the year, and plans are being made to continue the efforts even further to the Upper Camp. There was a Sheriffs Commandeers Meeting held in the Upper Camp hall in September as a result of the Inmates & private individuals that made that area usable, along with getting all the electric up to code, etc.

The goal for next year is to continue to address the rehabilitation of the Lower Camp, as well as the Upper Camp and to work closely with the County Executive’s Office in procuring additional funding to create an upward swing on one of Albany County “Jewels”.