How to Nominate a Veteran

You can submit a nomination by regular mail or by completing this online form. You can save a copy then email it to  A mailed resume must support the following requirements, and be accompanied by documentation:

  1. The nominee must be a deceased veteran with ties to Albany County. The veteran must have lived most of his or her life in Albany County and must have been a county resident at the time of death. The family must currently reside within Albany County. Please have any necessary documents available for committee, such as a death notice for the veteran, something showing his or her connection to Albany County and proof of residency for the family.
  2. The veteran must have been honorably discharged. Please have a copy of DD-214 available to submit to the committee.
  3. Please list any campaigns, battles or other actions he or she participated in.
  4. Be sure to mention any medals, awards, citations and so forth the veteran received.
  5. Please provide a brief history of the nominee's service. Include any locations, dates and other relevant information.
  6. Please tell us the nominee's rank and service number (should be with DD-214).
  7. Tell us about the veteran's civilian service, if appropriate (include all community activities and service, as well as any participation in organizations and memberships).
  8. Be sure to include a telephone number of the primary family member so we can contact the family.
  9. IMPORTANT!  Please submit a copy of the nominee's obituary along with your nomination.

Please mail all nominating resumes to:

Albany County Veterans Service Bureau
162 Washington Ave,  7th Floor
Albany, New York 12210

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy