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Rural Fire Protection Program

Dry hydrants provide enhanced speed and safety over traditional methods of winter drafting because firefighters no longer need to cut holes through the ice to access available water.   They are arguably one of the most cost-effective fire protection measures available. The implementation of dry hydrants enables fire fighters to save homes, barns, and lives, and helps both the public and the fire departments save money; therefore, there is a great benefit to both the general public and the fire districts. 

The Conservation District is currently able to help offset the cost of dry hydrants to local fire departments by providing the materials and all necessary survey and design work free of charge. Local Fire Departments would be responsible for the equipment and labor for installation. 

Landowners who have a pond that they think would make a good site for a dry hydrant are encouraged to contact your local fire department to ensure their interest in utilizing the pond.  Fire departments are encouraged to contact the Conservation District to inform us of potential pond locations. 

The Importance of Dry Hydrants in Albany County [PDF]

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy