Albany County Residential Health Care Facility
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Larry Slatky, Executive Director

Admission to Albany County Nursing Home

To gain admission to our facility, all patients or residents must have a physician's order specifying they are in need of the services of a skilled nursing facility. Applicants are subject to a clinical review to ensure we are capable of providing the care and service necessary to meet the needs of the applicant. All decisions regarding admissions are done at the discretion of our clinical and interdisciplinary staff.

Albany County Nursing Home does not discriminate in the admission or retention of patients or residents based upon race, creed, color, national origin, age (applicants must be 21 or over), religion, sexual preference, or method of payment. Albany County Nursing Home reserves the right to give preference in admissions to residents of Albany County.

Those interested in admission should contact our Admissions Office:

Albany County Nursing Home
Admissions Office
780 Albany Shaker Road
Albany, New York 12211
(518) 869-2231 Ext. 433

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy
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