Legal Division

The Legal Division exists to provide legal services and representation within and for the Department, as well as investigative services for the Department. These services are necessary to carry out and/or support the mandate programs of the Department.

Legal Division
162 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12207

(518) 447-7360

Attorneys Unit. The Attorney’s Unit is charged with protecting those vulnerable members of the community, children and adults, who are unable to do so themselves. The Unit is also responsible for pursuing all monies the Department is entitled to recover.  e-mail

Fair Hearings. The Fair Hearings Unit (518) 447-7767 is responsible for ensuring that all clients are receiving assistance from the Department fairly and appropriately.  e-mail

Please note that you need to contact New York State to properly request a Fair Hearing:

           Fair Hearing Section
           NYS Office of Temporary
           and Disability Assistance
           P.O. Box 1930
           Albany, New York 12201
           (518) 474-8781

Fraud Unit. The Fraud Unit is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the public assistance system by investigating all referrals and complaints of fraud. As such, the Department and the taxpayers can be assured that benefits reach those that are truly entitled. The Fraud Unit can be contacted at (518) 447-7380 or by e-mail.

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy