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William Connors, Director

Probation Intern Program

Albany County Probation Department maintains a Probation Intern Program in order to help qualified area students obtain a basic overall knowledge of Probation Services and how these services are provided to our clients, the courts and the community.

In order to be considered a candidate a student must be currently enrolled in an accredited college and maintaining an average of at least 2.5. While an intern, a college student should work at least 96 hours during a semester.

The Internship Program is administered by the Department of Probation and is established to enable students in the field of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science to become acquainted with the varied aspects of probation and its functions. The internship is an academic experience, under the guidance of both a faculty member of the academic institution and a specific staff member of our department, where the student is expected to synthesize theory and practice bringing together an organized field experience and academic knowledge.

An important component of successful Probation programming is a well educated, highly skilled, and dedicated staff. Collaboration between the Probation Department and academic institutions is an integral part of the creation of an effective recruitment medium. During the experiential learning process, the intern brings to our agency new ideas and enthusiasm, which reinforce staff creativity and program innovation.

The Deputy Director has overall responsibility for the operation of the Probation Internship Program. Academic institutions and interested students may contact the Deputy Director at (518) 487-5200 or e-mail

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