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William Connors, Director

Ignition Interlock Program

The alarming statistics that continue to be generated in regard to personal injury accidents and fatalities as a result of drinking and driving have spawned many community and law enforcement initiatives to address the problem of driving while intoxicated. DWI offenders are of particular concern to the Albany County Probation Department as studies have shown that those individuals with a DWI offense on their record are nine times more likely to be involved in an alcohol related fatality then the general population.

In conjunction with the latest professionally recognized probation practices, the Ignition Interlock Program provides Probation Officers with an invaluable tool to help ensure compliance with the law and probation conditions. The Ignition Interlock device installed in an offender’s motor vehicle prevents it from being started until the driver delivers a breath sample registering a blood alcohol content below a set level. Studies of similar programs implemented across the country have concluded that participants are four times less likely to be involved in a collision and their odds of re-offending are reduced by 90%.

The Albany County Probation Department monitors eligible DWI offenders through the use of restricted licensing and the ignition interlock system to reduce the occurrence of DWI offenses in Albany County. In this way the safety of the public is enhanced and offenders are afforded the opportunity to pursue treatment goals and remain productive members of the community.

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