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Real Property Auction

SEALED BID POSTED — Due July 6, 2015 — 218 Western Avenue

The County is requesting sealed bids for purchase of the structure at 218 Western Ave (the former Rice Building). Bid forms are due July 6, 2015 by 4:30PM and must be submitted in hard copy in a sealed envelope (no electronic submissions or faxed copies of this form will be accepted).

Please see PROPERTY FOLDER in Room 1340 at 112 State Street for information on this parcel. The attached is provide as an informational aid only:

Bidders must use the 218 Western Avenue bid form [click here] but are encouraged to attach any additional pages as necessary to detail project scope and costs. Bid forms will also be available in Room 117 at 112 State Street in June 2015. No bid for less than $750,000.00 paid to the County at closing will be considered. Rehab, repair and other investment amounts should be listed separately as provided for on this form.

Bidders are not required to pre-register for this RFB submission, but are encouraged to submit the pre-qualified bidder application in case future parcels are listed for bid.

Additional properties may be up for a sealed bid auction in the coming weeks. Please check back for further information or email to be notified by USPS 1st Class letter when more information is available.

Showings by Appointment ONLY--call 518-447-7086 and leave your call back information!

Last Updated--7/2/2015--links to title and selected reports from Property File

There are currently no other Auction Dates scheduled at this time.  Please check back in July 2015 for updated information regarding potential auction sales.

for Albany County AUCTION

You can pre-register at any time for future auction dates!  If you have already been pre-approved for auction bidding in 2014, you do not need to re-submit the pre-registration form. If you did not bid in 2014 please bring a photo ID to Room 800 at 112 State Street and pre-register for the auction. New bidders will need to submit a completed pre-qualification form with their photo ID. See: PRE-QUALIFIED BIDDER FORM

The County runs background checks on all bidders to ensure that there are no codes, bankruptcy or other legal issues impacting property ownership. You must list all properties owned by the bidders. The names registered will be the names on the deed, so please make sure that information is updated and accurate when registering.

Please remember that if the County cannot confirm that you have examined the property folders and inspected the properties on-site, your Sealed Bid RFB will be rejected.

Please Note Property Conditions...

These properties came into County ownership due to unpaid taxes—in many cases the assessed value exceeds the taxes that were owed.

The former owner abandoned the property to foreclosure rather than sell it for $1,000 above taxes owed. You need to figure out why. Do your research and bid only on those that you have fully investigated

  • Buildings are bought AS IS—no guarantee of condition;
  • If you have not seen the property, do not bid on it;
  • If you have not read the Property Folders, do not bid;
  • Eviction of Occupants is the responsibility of the bidder after closing. 

It is a Good Idea to Check:

  • Current Water and Sewer Bills;
  • Past Codes Violations;
  • Current Year Tax Bill (will be pro-rated at closing);
  • Zoning and Planning Allowed uses after closing—prior use does not guarantee future zoning .


All posted announcements take precedence over previously printed materials. This is how the County corrects, updates, adds or deletes information before the bidding ends.

ALBANY COUNTY DOES NOT PROVIDE TITLE INSURANCE ON ANY PARCEL SOLD. We strongly recommend that bidders secure title searches prior to bidding and/or closing on properties.

AUCTIONS WILL ONLY BE HELD IF THERE ARE PROPERTIES IN COUNTY OWNERSHIP. Property listings become available online and in print approximately five (5) weeks prior to auction day. An informational meeting will be held 10-15 days prior to the auction. Property files will be available afterward for public viewing.

Please check our website each month!