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Maggie A. Alix, Director

Why Digital Tax Maps?

While our tax maps were developed for assessment purposes, digital mapping information has a wide variety of uses. The map data offered here, when combined with other Graphical Information System (GIS) data, could form the basic building blocks for displaying and using all types of location-based information in the County of Albany.

Public Utilities

  • Map transmission facilities (including data on land ownership, construction configuration, facilities characteristics, and more)
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Use for sales and marketing


  • Target trade areas
  • Locate new stores
  • Develop store-specific product stocking plans


  • Minimize travel time and costs, and maximize loading, by developing optimal routing systems
  • Apply to in-vehicle navigation

Farming, Forestry, Agribusiness

  • Manage forest lands
  • Identify and preserve prime farmland


  • Target marketing
  • Observe trends in growth and development
  • Map geographic changes in household finance and composition

Real Estate

  • Analyze site selection
  • Identify neighborhood characteristics (e.g. school districts)
  • Create client presentations

Health Care

  • Locate sites for offices and clinics
  • Route emergency vehicles optimally 
Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy