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About the Digital Tax Map Conversion Project

The Albany County Tax Map Conversion Project began in February of 1999 and culminated in the summer of 2001 with final delivery of digital products. These digital data sets were produced by digitizing scanned images of the original Mylar tax map sheets. These images were registered to their true ground location, and drawn in survey feet. Digitizing occurred on-screen, using AutoCAD© v14. Each individual map sheet was matched to its neighbor, correcting many of the discrepancies in line work between sheets. Problems of scale between maps sheets were also corrected. Where necessary, these corrections were completed with the aid of deed research by Albany County Real Property Tax Service Agency. Corrections were made individually without the use of “rubber sheeting” techniques. The AutoCAD© drawings that were produced were assembled into single large files that spanned complete municipalities, and were an interim step in the conversion of tax parcel maps to digital shapefiles for use in Albany County’s Land Related Information System (ALRIS).

Each municipality in the County has a set of data layers: boundary (municipality, parcels, tax blocks); lines (rail, water, edge of pavement, street centerlines); and annotations (parcel dimensions, district names, municipal names, etc.).

The tax parcel database is in a format specified by the New York State Office of Real Property Services. The database is designed to be joined to the Albany County Real Property Tax Information, a subset of which is included with the purchase of digital tax parcel shapefiles. Real Property Tax GIS data is projected in New York East, State Plane Feet, NAD 27 Datum and will be maintained on a regular basis.

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