Albany County Department of Law
Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building
112 State Street | Room 600 | Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) 447-7110 | Fax: (518) 447-5564
Daniel Lynch, County Attorney

Office of the Albany County Attorney/Dept of Law


Our department is a public law firm staffed by ten attorneys, one confidential secretary, one legal secretary, a paralegal and a receptionist. We provide legal counsel and advice on an extraordinary range of often complex subjects and encounter some of the most diverse and challenging issues found in any municipal law practice.

As chief legal advisor for the County of Albany in civil matters, our department serves each and every department, division, office, etc., of the County by providing counsel on the implementation of programs and policies administered by the various governmental units. Further, we represent the County and its officials in the prosecution and defense of all civil actions and proceedings brought in local, state and federal courts in which the County is a party.

Assignments include work in the areas of tort litigation, tax enforcements, bankruptcy, labor negotiations and arbitrations, consumer transactions, health code violations, real property, construction, purchasing, public finance, environmental pollution, poor persons applications, juvenile delinquency, zoning, highways, sewers and many others. We also prepare and review contracts and other legal instruments, draft local laws and resolutions and perform other duties as prescribed by law, the County Executive or by request or resolution of the County Legislature.

Overall, the Department of Law offers an exceptionally challenging opportunity to serve the public service. Our mission is to perform this responsibility in the most competent, professional and ethical manner possible thereby ensuring effective legal counsel performed at the highest level of excellence.

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy