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Project Orange

Project Orange

Project Orange (named for the orange label on controlled substance prescription bottles) is a partnership between the Albany County Department of Health and local independent pharmacies to combat the opioid crisis.

Partner pharmacies are educating residents about the importance of storing opioid medications safely and securely at home, as well as how to appropriately dispose of unused medications.

Unused opioids in your home can poison family members, be misused or abused, or be distributed illegally.

You Can Help!

Ask your pharmacist about safe disposal and remember these 3 steps:

  1. Take your opioid medication as directed and do not share with others
  2. Store your opioid medications securely
  3. Safely dispose of unused or expired opioids

Protect Albany County families and individuals from the opioid epidemic and return your opioid medications to a drop box location or a receive a FREE mail back envelope from a Project Orange pharmacy:

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