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Bridges to Health (B2H)

Bridges to Health Waiver Program is a program which serves vulnerable children who have been placed in foster care.

These children suffer from mental health concerns, developmental delays, and/or chronic medical conditions.

Bridges to Health supports children in foster care in the least restrictive home or community setting and provides opportunity for improving health and well -being of children served, and supporting permanency planning.

The Bridges to Health Waiver recognizes these children's special circumstances in several ways:

  1. The family network that will be able to be served along with the child can involve multiple families simultaneously, e.g. foster parents, biological parents, pre-adoptive parents.
  2. A child can qualify for a waiver only while in foster care. However, once in the waiver the child can generally retain the service until age 21. as long as they meet waiver eligibility. To enhance their opportunities for successful reunifications and placements, the service can follow the participant home, into adoption, to lower levels of foster care and into adulthood.
  3. Many foster children have multiple disabilities which no single system serves well. The waiver serves three eligibility groups in foster care, so that cross-system issues can be better integrated.
  4. Agencies which provide services to children in the waiver are experienced in serving children with various needs and disabilities.
  5. Waiver plans are written to be specific to the needs of the child being served. These plans are written to maintain the child in his/her home community and to link the child and family to appropriate services.
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