Office of the Albany County

Project LifeSaver

Project LifeSaver "Bringing Loved Ones Home"

Protecting the wandering and bringing peace of mind to families, friends and communities.

The program consists of a band and transmitter, which is not much larger than a wristwatch, placed on the ankle or wrist. This band transmits a specific FM radio frequency, which can be located by trained Sheriff Deputies during an incident, using special equipment.

Client’s information is stored confidentially at the County 911 Communication Center for quick access. Upon notification of an incident, trained members of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team will responded with a directional receiver designed to locate the project lifesaver transmitter.

A person can enter the program simply by having the caregiver contact the Sheriff’s Office at (518) 720-8023 or  

  • The program is open to persons that reside in Albany County and have a history of wandering or significant concern of wandering
  • A Project Lifesaver certified Sheriff’s member will schedule a meeting with the caregiver and the client to discuss the program.
  • A deposit is needed to ensure the return of the transmitter once it is no longer needed.
  • Once the program is established, a Deputy will visit every 60 days to replace the battery and band and discuss any possible changes that may have occurred.
  • The caregiver will be given a tester to ensure the transmitter is working. And explained how the program is managed.
  • Project lifesaver is a tool to assist in locating someone that has wandered away and their location is unknown. It is not designed to replace good caretaking
  • If a client is missing it’s important for the caretaker to contact our dedicated project lifesaver emergency phone line at 518-655-7777 to report the incident

Caregivers can request enrollment information by contacting us at
(518) 720-8023 or

Project Lifesaver is a program started in Albany County in October of 2013 to assist families in locating a loved one lost while wandering due to disease or special need.