Office of the Albany County

Pistol Permits

New York State Pistol Permit applications can be downloaded directly from our website.

For more information call (518) 487-5413.

The following documents are in PDF format, unless otherwise noted:

Visit the NYS website for answers to commonly asked questions on the new Safe Act:

Visit the NYS Police website for an explanation of the FOIL Opt Out form and how to use it:

Pistol/Revolver License Recertifications are currently only required for those permits originally issued before January 15, 2013. If your permit was issued before January 15, 2013, the deadline to submit your recertification is January 31, 2018.

Visit the NYS Police website for Pistol/Revolver License Recertification

Pistol/Revolver License Recertification Frequently Asked Questions

OffenderWatch external website

Law Enforcement Request for Information (DSS) [PDF]

Albany County Animal Abuse Registry external website