Office of the Albany County


The Headquarters of the Albany County Sheriff's Office is located at the Albany County Courthouse in Albany, New York. Offices located at Headquarters include those of the Sheriff, the Undersheriff, and the Chief Deputy(s) of Field Command, Administrative Services, and the Office of Professional Standards.

Units currently assigned to Headquarters include the Office of Professional Development, the Office of Professional Standards, the Court Security and Prisoner Transportation Unit, Civil Enforcement Unit, the Support / Special Services Unit, the Human Resources Liaison, the Grant Management Unit, and the Business Office.

It will continue to a goal at Headquarters to provide the highest level of security at the Albany County Judicial Center, the Albany County Courthouse and Albany County Family Court and to maintain a safe environment for those who work and visit these facilities.

Through improved supervision and updated training measures, it will be our continued objective to provide for the safety and security for those persons in the care and custody of the Albany County Sheriff's Office during transportation to and from various court appearances. In addition, we will continue to conform to Commission of Corrections standards while they are being held at various court locations.

All Headquarters Units will also continue to assist all units throughout the department when the necessity arises. Efforts will be made to continue to work together with all units to ensure all details, expected or unexpected, are properly covered and all units are properly staffed.

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