Office of the Albany County

Albany International Airport

The Sheriff's Office has maintained a presence at the Albany International Airport since the early 1970's. Over the years it has evolved into a full time 24 hour patrol station, which, being located in the Capital of New York State is a necessity. The station itself consists of 18 sworn officers. Due to the unique function of airport policing, deputies and their supervisors receive specialized training in such areas as: Transportation Security Administration Rules and Regulations, Bomb & BioTerrorism Threats, High- Jacking, Dignitary Protection and Aircraft Emergency Procedures.

A number of the deputies are also cross designated as US Customs Officers. Our agency was among the first in the country to implement bicycle patrols at an airport. The Sheriff's Office maintains close working relationships with Federal, State, Local as well as Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies. Contacts with these agencies include such duties as criminal investigation, protection of both foreign and domestic officials, transportation of high profile prisoners, investigation of aviation incidents and the sharing of intelligence information. Deputies train and preplan emergency responses to crisis situations with other agencies to insure a swift and effective response to incidents which may arise at the airport.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, and the additional mandates implemented by the federal government, the Airport Station has strived to meet or exceed all of the new requirements. Working closely with the airlines and airport management, it continues to be this unit's goal to make the safety and security of the traveling public the number one priority, while keeping in mind the importance of positive community relations.

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