Office of the Albany County


The Albany County Sheriff’s Office is the 4th agency in New York State to achieve the recognition of being fully accredited. This agency joins the Livingston, Monroe and Yates County Sheriff’s Offices in receiving accreditation in Law Enforcement, Court Security, Civil, E911 / Dispatch and Corrections Divisions.

The accreditation programs are designed to assist agencies in evaluating and improving their overall performance. They provide a formal recognition that an agency meets or exceeds a high level of quality in their respective divisions. By meeting or exceeding this expectation of quality, the professionalism of the agency improves. These expectations are met by following what have been identified as critical and non-critical standards, which serve to improve the manner in which the agency serves the public. The accreditation program is evidence that the agency’s policies, procedures and operations meet the current standards of policing’s best practices and are  sources of pride for all sworn and non-sworn members of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

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Law Enforcement Request for Information (DSS) [PDF]

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