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Like all other departments, the Nursing Home is allocated costs for certain general costs that are shared among all departments - the Nursing Home is allocated costs for Information Services, the Hall of Records and Human Resources. The combined amount in the Nursing Home is $624,176 in 2013. This includes $199,993 for Human Resources, $11,924 for the Hall of Records and $412,259 for Information Services. Given that the Nursing Home has its own maintenance staff, there are no Department of General Services shared service charges allocated to the Nursing Home, even though DGS and DPW have done a considerable amount of work at the Nursing Home in recent years. It should be noted, that a number of other costs are not included in the Nursing Home's budget, including retiree healthcare costs (approximately $2.4 million in 2013), workers compensation ($800k in 2013) and the local share of the IGT - also known as upper limit payment ($2 million in 2013). If these costs are included, it increases the Nursing Home's deficit to $18 million.