Office of the Albany County Comptroller

Fraud or Abuse in County Government

The Albany County Comptroller is interested in information pertaining to fraud, corruption, mismanagement and waste as well as similar allegations of abuse in County agencies, local governments, or vendors doing business with the County. Once an allegation of fraud, corruption, mismanagement or waste is received, the Comptroller will investigate and take appropriate action.

Individuals who make an allegation are not required to identify themselves—they may remain anonymous. Persons making allegations may wish to leave contact information in the event additional questions arise during an investigation. If you are a County employee, please read the whistleblower law  that protects County employees against retribution for reporting fraudulent activities that occur in Albany County Government.

Please specify in the body of your letter or email, the alleged fraud, corruption, mismanagement or waste in as much detail as possible. Include such things as the dates, times, and if the alleged activities are still occurring. Also, please include whether you notified a manager/supervisor or any other County agency, personnel or law enforcement.

Printable Complaint Form [PDF]

Mailing address: Albany County Comptrollers Office
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Phone: (518) 447-7130
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