Office of the Albany County Comptroller

County Comptroller (Department of Audit and Control)

The County Comptroller is the people’s watchdog.

The office provides oversight and leadership into the financial affairs of Albany County. 

The Comptroller is the County’s chief financial officer, conducting departmental audits and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information about the County’s finances.

The Comptroller also develops a strategic financial plan for the Legislature and the Executive to ensure the fiscal strength of the County.

The department of Audit and Control

  • maintains records of appropriations, funds and expenditures; 
  • scribes approved methods of accounting for County officers and administrative units; 
  • examines all requisitions to certify the availability of funds and to encumber such funds for expenditure; 
  • audits and certifies for payment all lawful claims or charges against the County or against funds for which the County is responsible; 
  • consults with the Commissioner of Management and Budget regarding the designation of depositories of County funds; and 
  • reports the results of financial operations to Federal, State and County officials and to the general public.

The Comptroller, the chief fiscal and auditing officer of Albany County, is a separately elected official.

The department has three main divisions: Administration, Audit, and Accounting Services.





Press Conference, November 25, 2019