Office of the Albany County Clerk

Recording a Deed in the Albany County Clerk's Office

Step 1 An original deed form must be completed, signed and notarized. Since it is a legal document, we suggest that you consult an attorney. If you would like to proceed alone, the form can be purchased at a legal supply store. The deed should have a legal description of the property. All names and addresses must be filled in on the document. We request black ink on the document.

Step 2 A TP584 Tax Affidavit, available at the Clerk's Office, must be completed and signed. Non-residents of New York State also have to file an IT-2663 Tax form.

Step 3 An RP5217 form, is available at 


  • The seller is responsible for the NYS Transfer Tax due at the time of filing. This tax is based on the purchase price of the property. The rate is $4.00 per thousand.
  • The deed costs $45.00 plus $5.00 per page to record. For example: If the deed is two sided, the fee would be $55.00.
  • The TP584 Tax Affidavit costs $5.00 to file.
  • The RP5217 form costs $125.00 to file if box 7A, 7B, or 7E is checked, or if BOTH boxes 7G and 8 are checked. The charge is $250.00 to file if any other box (or no box) is checked.

Step 4  Documents submitted for recording MUST be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope ("SASE") for return of the original document. The address on the envelope should match any "Record and Return" notation on the document itself. Originals not accompanied by such a "SASE" will NOT be returned but will be disposed of in accordance with the law. (Originals submitted without a SASE will also be returned to you if you complete this form [PDF] and mail or deliver the form to the County Clerk's office with your check for $1.00 payable to "Albany County Clerk." Please allow six weeks for processing.)