Office of the Albany County Clerk

Records Kept by the Albany County Clerk's Office

Most of these records are immediately available in the Albany County Clerk’s office. For some older records, the Clerk’s office will need to retrieve records from off-site storage, which may take 24 hours.

Deeds 1630-present
Mortgages 1630-present
Judgments 1877-present
Federal Liens 1966-present
Building Loans Most recent 6 years
Certificate of Assumed Business Names (DBA) 1916-present
Release of Estate Tax Liens 1887-present
Court Records 1793-present
Divorces 1890-present
Patents 1784-present
Public Improvement Loans 1987-present
Certificates of Partnership 1883-present
Convictions 1896-present
Military Discharges 1917-present
Hospitals Liens Most recent 12 years
Mechanic Liens Current 6 years
Miscellaneous Records-Corporations 1830-present
Miscellaneous Records-Individuals 1895-present
Uniform Commercial Codes Current five years
Welfare Liens 1968-present
Wage Assignments Most recent 6 years
Lien for Common Charge 1977-present
Demolitions 1965-present
Tax Delinquency - In Rem Proceedings 1922-present
Redemption Certificates 1963-present
State Tax Warrants 1971-present
Index to Incompetents 1963-present
Notice of Pendency 1987-present
Surrenders 1942-present
Adoptions 1886-1971
Selected Wills 1691-1833 and 1894-1976