Contract Administration Board (CAB)

The Contract Administration Board was established by the Albany County Charter: Article 13, Section 1301 “Board of Contract Administration”

Section 1301. Board of Contract Administration. For the purpose of simplifying, clarifying and centralizing the approval process for contracts, there is hereby established a Board of Contract Administration. The Board shall be composed of the County Executive, the Chairperson of the County Legislature and the County Clerk. The Board of Contract Administration is empowered to approve contracts for execution by the County Executive in amounts of not less than twenty thousand, and, not more than one hundred thousand dollars, or such higher amount as may be established by local law. The Board shall report periodically to the County Legislature, detailing the contracts approved by it.

The Contract Administration Board (CAB) meets the fourth Monday of every month. The CAB is composed of County Executive Daniel P. McCoy, Hon. Andrew Joyce, Chairman of the Albany County Legislature; and Hon. Bruce A. Hidley, Albany County Clerk.

Please feel free to contact Allison Russell at should you have any questions or need clarification regarding this procedure.

2018 Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be in Room 930 (HR Large Training Lab) unless otherwise noted.

Three Year Document Archives

Agendas, videos and minutes from the previous three years of CAB meetings. Agendas and minutes are in PDF format.

2017 Agendas, Minutes and Videos

2016 Agendas, Videoa and Minutes

*   Changed due to a holiday conflict.
**  Changed from original date.

2015 Agendas, Videos and Minutes

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy
Hon. Andrew Joyce, , Chairman of the Albany County LegislatureAlbany County Legislature
Andrew Joyce
Hon. Bruce A. Hidley, Albany County ClerkAlbany County ClerkBruce A. Hidley