Want to know who your local government is and what we do? You've come to the right place.

Albany County government works for you. Every day, we work hard to make your lives better and provide the services you need. To get those services, you need to know what we have to offer and that is our goal here on this page. Search menus at the top will also help you find further information.

This is where you will find information on who your elected officials are, what they do for you, and how your voice can be heard. This includes documents, archives, and legislative records such as meeting agendas, public hearings and adopted legislation. Transparency is instrumental in making sure you are getting the representation you voted for.

Also on this page you will find information on elections, voting, and all of our County government contact information, so that you can reach whichever department you need, and know when and where you can vote.  We always want feedback and are continually looking for ways to better serve you.

You are Albany County and we work for you. Together we will make this a better place to live for everyone. 

Albany County ExecutiveDaniel P. McCoy