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Albany County Long Term Care Council

The Albany County Long Term Care Council was formed in January 2007, in response to a State requirement associated with the establishment of a County Long Term Care Point of Entry. Membership includes representatives from various consumer subgroups, community-based and residential long term care providers, and advocacy groups.

The Long Term Care Council has been charged with analyzing the long term care service delivery system within Albany County, identifying gaps in service accessibility and availability, recommending strategies to address identified needs and barriers, and advising the Albany County Departments of Social Services and Aging on matters related to the Long Term Care Point of Entry.

Former County Executive Michael Breslin further charged the Long Term Care Council during its initial year of convening, to work with the Commissioners of Social Services and Aging to develop a “blueprint” for rebalancing of the long term care system in Albany County, incorporating both the short-term and long-term strategy recommendations.

The Report of Recommendations representing the initial recommendations by the Long Term Care Council for rebalancing the long term care system can be viewed online here [PDF] and the 2012 Progress Update can be viewed online here [PDF].

Many aspects of the long term care system still need to be discussed. During the Long Term Care Council’s second year, their work will be continued, exploring more components of the service delivery system involving additional community representatives with specific areas of expertise and delving more in depth into selected service areas, best practices and recommended strategies. Based on the Council’s ongoing discussions, revisions and updates to the Report of Recommendations will be made as appropriate.

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