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Albany County — NY Connects
A trusted resource in your community providing free information and assistance on long term care

What is Albany County — NY Connects?

Albany County — NY Connects is a trusted program where anyone who needs long term care information and services (i.e., a child or adult with a disability, an older adult), their family members and helping professionals can get the information they need to make informed decisions about long term care as well as the assistance needed in linking with services.

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Albany County — NY Connects provides information and assistance on many services including:

  • Consumer and Caregiver Supports such as respite care, case/care management, friendly visitors, advocacy, etc.
  • Children Specific Supports such as early intervention, special education, etc.
  • Facility Based Services such as adult day care programs and nursing homes.
  • Home Based Services such as home health or personal care services, home delivered meals, personal emergency response systems, etc.
  • Insurance/Benefit Information and Counseling on long term care insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, veteran’s benefits, welfare rights, etc.
  • Nutrition and Wellness Programs such as congregate meals, food stamps, nutrition assessment services, etc.
  • Protective/Preventative Services for information on how to prevent or report situations of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of individuals.
  • Residential Housing Options and Supports such as adult residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, low income/subsidized housing, utility payment assistance programs, etc.
  • Support Groups and Counseling for caregivers, children and adults with disabilities, aging/older adults, etc.
  • Transportation options for automobile/van adaptations as well as programs to transport the disabled and/or senior citizens.
  • Other information and assistance can also be provided on legal services, mental health and/or substance abuse programs, home modification programs, property tax exemptions, etc.  

Albany County — NY Connects will let you know who provides those services nearest to you and how to get in touch with service providers.

How can I get help from Albany County — NY Connects?

You can contact Albany County — NY Connects:
Choices for Long Term Care
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
by calling us at

(518) 447-7177

or visiting us in person at
162 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12210;

or you can send us an email at